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  • Crushed Glass Recyclates - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Brick Crusher Run - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Refuse Derived Fuel - CALL 01709 524115 NOW!
We are wholly committed to our ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL policies of 100% recycling and lowering our carbon footprint
For more information see Environmental Policies or contact us for help managing your waste requirements more effectively

Recycled & Baled Products

Zero Waste To Landfill:  Baling Recyclables in Rotherham

Through our efficient waste management and recycling processes within Mangham 80's Zero To Landfill Waste Treatment Facility, we can efficiently segregate and bale high quality, mill-sized bales of valuable recyclates to be sold back and used within the reprocessing cycle to local, national and global manufacturing markets.

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd have the perfect machine - a twin Ram 80 tonne Harris Wolverine Baler - to bale all our recyclables - from cardboard and hard plastics, to steel and aluminium cans - thus further reducing your transport costs through more efficient use of loading space, requiring less deliveries and thereby reducing yours and our carbon footprints, and saving yet more waste from entering costly and environmentally unfriendly landfill.

We not only sell our recycled and baled products locally and nationally, but have the technology and customer base to sell our products on a worldwide global scale, whether this be loading containers via ramp or with our two state-of-the-art container lifters, enabling us to load 20ft containers in the most efficient and safest possible way. We also have dock facilities to load large shipments of recycled material.

We sell the following recycled or baled products to a growing base of UK and International customers:

  • Wood Chippings
  • Animal Bedding
  • Cardboard
  • Recycled Aggregates
  • Green Waste
  • Plastics/Polythene - PP Plant Pots; PP Sacks; PET - 10% LD Bottles; PET - HDPE Bottles; all hard plastic
  • LD Films
  • Steel Cans
  • Hessian Sacks
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Crushed Glass - Clear, Amber, Green, Mixed
  • Waste Diversion Fuel - RDF/SRF - used for thermal treatment as replacement fuel (for more information see our RDF Fuels page)

Contact us for more information on our baled and recycled products, and for current prices on all our recyclate products.

View our baled recyclate products for sale below:

Recycled Chipped Wood
Wood Chippings
Recycled Cardboard
Recycled Fines
75mm Aggregates
75mm Aggregates
50mm Aggregates
50mm Aggregates
Recycled Green Waste
Green Waste
PP Plant Pots
PP Plant Pots
Recycled PP Sacks
PP Sacks
Recycled Plastic - PET-10% LD BOTTLES
PET-10% LD Bottles
Recycled Plastic - PET - HDPE BOTTLES
PET - HDPE Bottles
Recycled Polythene Bales
Polythene Bales
Recycled Shredded Recycled Glass
Shredded Recycled Glass
Recycled Brick Crusher Run
Brick Crusher Run
Recycled RDF/SRF Kiln Fuel
RDF/SRF Cement Kiln Fuel
Recycled Baled Hard Plastic
Baled Hard Plastic
Recycled Hessian Sacks
Hessian Sacks
Zero Waste To Landfill Baled Recycled Products


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